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Next-Gen 3D-Control System

for Smart Home / Smart Building


THRONE v. 3.4: A Few Details Of A Perfect Interface

We’ve just released a new version of the system - the updates were made in the client application, and T-Studio editor. You can update the client application, or install the latest version following these links.  

Hot summer update! Version 3.3 release

In the new THRONE version we've added Z-Wave compatibility. This will open up new opportunities for THRONE partners. New interface elements: graphs and widgets. Updates in T-Studio will improve the ergonomics and accuracy of creating projects. The details are inside.  

THRONE Is Recognized As “The Best Smart Home And Smart City Solution”

On 3rd of June, “SKOLKOVO” innovation fund has summed up competition of the IoT Challenge 2016. According to its results THRONE won the award for "Te Best Solution of Smart home and Smart city", and also got a personal prize partner of the contest, GS Venture fund.

The Most Unusual Project In The Story Of THRONE

As you might know, the essence of our business is creating the best, a principally new system for a house control: THRONE. Couple of days ago, we made a bold new and important step on our journey. We’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. And now we need your support.

Meet The New Version THRONE With Scenarios!

Now THRONE allows to launch a sequence of operations of a “smart home” or a “smart building” system with one button. For example, a scenario “All gone” turns off all unnecessary electrical devices switches the climate control equipment to a power saving mode, activates the security system.

THRONE 3.0: Breakthrough Update of the System and iPhone / iPad Version!

The long-awaited news - THRONE 3D Control is now available on iPad and iPhone! Despite widespread use of Android, the popularity of iOS devices among our end-users is extremely high. Now the barriers are broken and we can confidently say that THRONE is the best visualization for automation of premium real estate!

New Demo Facility with THRONE

Our partners from Minsk have integrated THRONE with the system of ‘Energy House’. The story with a photoset is published on the most popular online media website. On the site THRONE controls KNX equipment.

THRONE + CoolMasterNet: New Stunning Opportunities of HVAC Control

Great news! We implemented in THRONE the direct control of the HVAC systems controller CoolMasterNet by Cool Automation. This greatly expands the range of equipment brands for projects with THRONE and the functionality of the system, including the control of VRV/VRF.

New THRONE System Version 2.14: Blinds Control Directly in the 3D-model and Other Improvements

The developers of THRONE 3D Control Platform are happy to introduce the THRONE 2.14 version with advanced control of curtains and blinds. There are also some other changes.

Meet the THRONE Interface Update!

Version 2.13 moves to a new level the control of video surveillance cameras and includes some user interface improvements.

THRONE capabilities

THRONE is a breakthrough interface for control of building automation. THRONE enables control of lighting, HVAC (climate), security and other systems of a building.

THRONE corresponds the habitual for human three-dimensional perception of the world. THRONE is based on 3D-model of the controlled building, and that makes the user interface genuinely intuitive.

THRONE was developed independently from manufacturers of equipment of automation systems, and so THRONE can control devices of different brands within the same project.

THRONE platform includes configurator T-Studio, which enables integrators to develop THRONE interfaces for their projects independently. T-Studio runs in the 'cloud', so the projects will not be lost. In addition, T-Studio supports multi-user work that can accelerate the implementation of projects several times.

Efficient Zonal and Group Lighting Control in Any Building

Lighting control in one room, a floor or the whole building from a single interface.

THRONE building automation interface enables control of the interior and exterior lighting of the entire object, regardless of its size and complexity - easily, diversely and fast. The user can turn the light on or off immediately around the building or on the premises, can dim the lighting or change its color. Unlike regular interfaces, in THRONE all these operations are performed in the minimum number of touches of the screen.

Dimmable, Non-dimmable and RGB-Lighting

There’s no need for multiple remotes to control dimmable or RGB-lighting anymore. Hold the lighting zone on the layout of the room:

  1. if the selected lighting unit is dimmable, you will see the brightness slider,
  2. if it is RGB-lighting unit, you will see a palette for the color selection.

Lighting Scheme Programming

You no longer need to involve specialist to set up a user’s script of a lighting scheme. Set up the lights the way you want and hold the lighting scheme icon I or II - THRONE will remember your lighting settings for the current room.

Centralized Zonal and Group Climate Control

Besides the direct control of each particular device which manages the climate in a building, THRONE allows to combine air handling units, air conditioners, thermostats, underfloor heating, boilers, room heaters etc. into a single integrated system.

Auto-setup of the System

This system is able to respond on the weather changes and to the conditions or time of day depending on the presence of occupants in the building. According these external and internal factors, THRONE selects the most appropriate and cost-effective climate script.

Energy Efficiency

Besides the obvious benefits in comfort, it leads to significant energy savings, enables precise control of the energy balance of the entire building and opportunity to fit strict consumption quotas.

Heat Maps

Heat maps allow to instantly read the data of the indoor climate.

Precise and Clear Information

You can arm or disable alarm in the entire building, in each floor or separate rooms.

Video Surveillance of Perimeter and Interior

Interface based on a 3D-model of the building allows to have a precise understanding of where exactly the camera is facing to.

Precise positioning of the devices in the space of a building allows faster response to the activation of alarm sensors and quick view of the event - by tapping the camera icon, you receive a picture from it.

Instant Display and Better Awareness

THRONE interface allows faster response to alerts: all signals are displayed in the context of a three-dimensional model of the building, most organic to human perception. Thus, the operator sees and instantly understands where exactly occurs an event causing an alert.

The Best Solution for Business

Visual obviousness of the THRONE interface allows to speed up of learning the personnel of working with the system. Automatic event log will help to create a transparent system of working hours, and can be useful for the investigation of incidents.

THRONE features

How It Works

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Feedback on THRONE

  • I was struck by the amazing user-friendly interface and graphical depiction of lighting, climate and security systems.

    Brad Koerner,
    Director of Experience Design in the Iconic Projects Team at Philips Lighting
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • I like the way it is simple to configure, and that it is coded with a fresh approach. This is different to most old cumbersome softwares.

    Nick Sutton,
    A distributor of building automation systems
    Brentford, United Kingdom
  • The market response to THRONE system is extremely positive. Installers see the new opportunities of the product, and the end customers enjoy a convenient and intuitive automation control tool.

    Eduard Arakelov,
    A distributor of building automation systems
    Moscow, Russia
  • We use THRONE for lighting control in the office. THRONE gives a clear understanding of the lighting system operation and allows to manage it flexibly and instantly.

    Maria Prohorova,
    Office manager
    Moscow, Russia
  • The company presented THRONE, the unique and unparalleled in the world software product for automation of lighting control in premises.

    RBC Daily,
    RBC Daily in Light+Building 2014 review
  • Finally got my first hands-on experience of what THRONE is. Not as an app, but as a platform for developers. And I'm so delighted! Creating 3D models is so easy and fast, just watch the video and that's it. And the configuration in T-Studio is intuitive and fluent. Just last week we visited the facility, and today the three-floors building is already in my smartphone!

    Andrey Manko,
    A distributor of building automation systems
    Minsk, Belarus

Partnership with THRONE

After analyzing the needs of many system integrators, THRONE developers created a 'cloud' ecosystem T-Server. It includes SaaS-application T-Studio (available after registration on THRONE Partners website), help system with text instructions and video tutorials and partner web service. All this allows integrators to create THRONE interfaces for any building, not possessing special skills in programming and without passing long personal trainings. Therefore, THRONE system design takes certainly less time - from one day - and costs cheaper.

After analyzing the needs of many system integrators, THRONE developers created a 'cloud' ecosystem T-Server. It includes SaaS-application T-Studio (available after registration, help system with text instructions and video tutorials and partner web service. All this allows integrators to create THRONE interfaces for any building, not possessing special skills in programming and without passing long personal trainings. Therefore, THRONE system design takes certainly less time - from one day - and costs cheaper.

THRONE system can be quickly and easily scaled - you can add new devices to the automation system in a few clicks.

Most automation systems on the market are designed individually for each object. After the installation the system is a complete solution, and to change something in it, you will need to apply efforts, comparable with the original design and programming.

THRONE system is also designed for each object individually, but due to carefully elaborated architecture of the entire THRONE ecosystem, changing the configuration is elementary. Integrator will need to log in T-Studio application, make changes and get a new firmware file, copy it to the server installed at the facility.

So easily and quickly, the customer can add and remove the integrated devices, connect to the system the whole parts of buildings, floors, sections and so on.

THRONE partners stay completely independent from the developers in their dealings with clients. T-Studio application is created for self-development and configuration of THRONE interfaces by the installers.

T-Studio supports multi-user work on projects and provides the ability to download free test firmware. All you need to start working is register on THRONE partners site.

Instructions for using the T-Studio, as well as video tutorials are available on the THRONE Help System.

THRONE software has life guarantee in the case of use on the same devices and in the same configuration as when the installation.

We carry out free webinars on work with system THRONE, once the desired audience is gathered.

Learning to work with THRONE is very simple, so webinars do not take long. In case of difficulties in the implementation of projects, our support service consults our partners via e-mail or Skype callThrone-BMS.

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